LessonUpp offers highly qualified services, however, our instructors don’t replace YOUR Teachers!

  • Instructors analyze students’ learning habits, students’ weaknesses, and strengths to make a better plan for improving their learning process. They use scaffolding techniques to help them understand difficult lessons through inquiry-based questions.
  • Our instructors will prepare you for tests, quizzes, and assignments, modeling effective study practices.
  • Our instructors suggest new techniques and efficient strategies of problem-solving, to accelerate your academic progress. They offer you different ways of learning, according to your learning habits, to meet your school’s standards.
  • Our instructors offer you rich learning resources to educate you. They assist you and help you improve your learning through taking notes, summarizing, etc.
  • Our instructors effectively adapt their educational support based on your challenges, goals, and expectations.



  • Our services support you and help you accelerate your learning, however,  they don’t replace attending classes and following school instructions.  Therefore, our educational services must be the supplement or complement to all the other actions that successful students should follow.
  • Homework, assignments, tests, online quizzes, etc… are students’ duties, please do not expect our instructors to do your work for you.  LessonUpp’s instructors should not give students answers or do their work for them. Our mission is to empower your skills as independent learners.
  • Instructors cannot help with online and/or take-home quizzes/tests/exams unless instructions explicitly state that students can get help for these school assignments.
  • Lessonupp’s instructors shall not do anything that will be perceived as a violation of the academic integrity policy, therefore, you as a student, are expected to not ask our instructors to do so.
  • Rescheduling class is only possible when a 24-hour notice (written) is submitted to the instructor.
  • The instructor will wait on the online platform for only 15 minutes. If the student does not show up in those 15 minutes, there will be no make-up class granted.



By signing this Agreement, you agree to all the terms and conditions noted on www.lessonupp.ca or www.lessonsupp.com under “Policy”. You acknowledge that failure to follow the above-noted policies may result in the termination of educational services provided to you.