Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

Is there any contract drawn up between LessonUpp and the Client?
No. LessonUpp does not ask the clients to sign any contract, except for some special group classes or consulting services. In the case, you may need to submit the inquiry form.
Does LessonUpp only offer online lessons?
No. although LessonUpp is mainly designed, updated, and customized for online lessons, your specific request for a group class (face to face) will be considered. Please submit our inquiry fro
Can you explain the steps to selecting a course and beginning my online lesson?
Step 1: Review the website. Step 2: Book a lesson Step 3: Payment (PayPal, e-transfer). Step 4: You will receive a confirmation letter, that includes all information, including your username and password, and name. 5. You will start your classes with your instructor. Any questions or concerns, you can e-mail:
Do you offer your services to all students?
For core courses, IB and AP, lessons will mainly meet the curriculum needs of Intermediate and Senior levels (Grade 7-12). However, our language courses are customized for any age, students from grades 1 to 12, university, college students and adults may also use our language services.
Do you offer any University/College lessons?
Yes, our academic team offers most of the common courses of Bachelor programs including (but not limited to), mathematical, statistical, physical and chemical courses.
Do you offer any training for professionals?
Yes, although our educational and consulting services are customized for students, some of those may also meet the needs of professionals. For example, the professionals who work in the fields of data mining, statistical analysis, predictive modelling, and related sections may benefice from our consulting and training services.
What is a trial session?
If you are in the stage of making the decision to move forward and become our client, a trial lesson (short class for ½ hour) will help you understand if the class meets your expectations. One option in the ALF form is the trial session. Trial sessions are free of charge!
Tell me about the cost?
Although there a standard rate for the defined packages, training, and consulting services. The price for the specific request depends on several factors such as the course level, availability of the teacher, number of requested hours etc. However, a rough estimate would be between $40 to $60 per hour.
What is the cancellation policy?
You will write to your instructor (with a 24-hour notice) if you would like to cancel a session. You may also reschedule your class.
How can we reach LessonUpp?
You can communicate with us through: What’s App, Telegram, Instagram, Live chat, and E-mail.
How can I pay the tuition fee?
There are several methods to pay tuition, including PayPal, E-transfer, Credit card and Cash.
Can Lessonupp do my assignments, tests or online quizzes?
No. This would be a case of violation of our policy. Doing homework, assignments, tests etc. will be the students’ duty. Please do not expect our instructors to do your work for you. LessonUpp instructors should not give students answers or do their work for them. Our mission is to help you develop your skills as an independent learner. Please consult the policy page for more details.
Does LeesonUpp guarantee you an A+?
No, our instructors fully support you and teach you the lessons with patience and sympathy. They are responsive, organized, and qualified teachers, who are eager to offer you the highest quality of instruction to prepare you for success. However, earning an excellent mark depends on several factors, which are not fully under our control.
If I would like to add more than one course, do I have to register for those courses separately?
No, registration is done once. You can add one or more courses using ALF. You fill in one form for every single course. For example, if you would like to take calculus and advanced functions, it is required to submit one form for advanced functions and one form for calculus, because assigned instructors are different for both courses.
Does LessonUpp offer a credit course?
No, LessonUpp does not offer any credit courses, however we have in collaboration with several schools that may offer the credit. For more information, you may need to contact us.
Does LesonUpp offer any placement for professional training?
No, we don’t provide any placement or referral letters.
Are all classes/lessons offered in English?
No, although, the website is designed to offer instruction in the English language, if you need to take any course in a language other than English such as French, we will consider it, provided of course, that a qualified instructor is available.
Which platform is used for online lessons?
We primarily use Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and Moodle. If you would like to get your lessons on another platform such as WeChat, Skype, What’s App etc., we may accommodate your request.
My payment did not go through. What do I do?
We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to arrange payment through e-transfer or by texting our accountant, to arrange to pay in cash.
Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend my Online Course?
50% of your tuition will be refunded if you cancel you’re your class.
What are your Terms, Conditions and policies?
Visit our Terms and Conditions page for details.
Are there prerequisites or language requirements?
There are no prerequisites. However, for the language courses, you take a pre-assessment (diagnosis test) to determine your starting level.
I am a qualified teacher; how can I join your academic team?
You can contact us by filling in the contact form, please include all the courses you are comfortable teaching and your contact number. The administration team will review your request, and you will be contacted as soon as we need your services.