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LessonUpp Offers all online teaching of all chemistry lessons, which includes the following lessons (not limited).

  • Stoichiometry: The Mole and Molar Mass 
                    Calculations and Chemical Equations 
                    Stoichiometric Experimentation 
                     Applications of Stoichiometry 
  • From Structures to Properties

                    Properties of Ionic and Molecular Compounds and Metallic
                    Classifying Compounds 
                    Structural Models of Bonding 
                    Bond Energies 
                    Polar and Pure Covalent Bonding 

  • Organic Chemistry

                  Influences of Organic Compounds on Society 
                  Classifying Organic Compounds 
                  Naming and Writing Organic Compounds 
                  Applications of Organic Chemistry 
                  Isomers in Organic Chemistry 
                  Writing and Balancing Chemical Equations 
                  Risks and Benefits of Organic Compounds: STSE Perspectives

  • Thermochemistry

Thermochemistry STSE 
                            Experiments with Energy Changes 
                           Thermochemistry and Potential Energy 
                           Bonding and Hess’s Law 
                            Science Decisions Involving Thermochemistry 

  • Solutions, Kinetics, and Equilibrium

                           Concentration, Properties, and Solubility 
                           Solubility and Precipitates 
                           Kinetics and Rate of Reaction 
                           Collision Theory, Reaction Mechanisms, and Catalysts 

                           Le Châtelier’s Principle and Equilibrium Constant 
                           Equilibrium Applications 

  • Acids and Bases

                  Properties and Definitions of Acids and Bases 
                  Acid/Base Reactions

                 Using the Equilibrium Concept with Acids and Bases 
                 Indicators and Acids and Bases 
                  Acid/Base Titrations

  • Electrochemistry

                     Oxidation and Reduction 
                     Redox and Half-Reactions 
                     Electrochemical and Electrolytic Cells 
                     Redox Reactions with Standard Reduction Potentials 
                     Energy Efficiency of Cells 


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